Slide #1 | Paris | Circulation(s)

LEFT: "Ed Ruscha - Every Building On The Sunset Strip" — 'static' photographic frame — 1966

MIDDLE: Realtime frame of "Markus Oberndorfer - RevisitEd" — 'moving' video realtime-frame

RIGHT: "Markus Oberndorfer - RevisitEd" 360° videos — 'immersive' experience — 2016

Slide #2 | Vienna | Geistwert Attorneys

LEFT: "Revisited Source Footage Collages" — depiction of spacetime — 2017

MIDDLE: "Ed Ruscha - Every Building On The Sunset Strip" — original book — 1966

RIGHT: "Markus Oberndorfer - RevisitEd" — 360° videos — 2016

Documentation: © Gute Macher 2017


The central installation of my project REVISITED premiered at the 2017 edition of Circulation(s) Festival in Paris. The installation visualizes fundamental differences — especially in regards to the shift of power concerning "the definition of the frame" — by the opposition of the mediums shown in it (photography, video and 360° video).

LEFT: The accordion book "Every Building On The Sunset Strip" by Ed Ruscha from 1966 represents a seamless documentation of the Sunset Strip. The photocollage shows a pre-defined photographic frame and the spectator starts to enter the timeline (moving up and down the Sunset Strip) by unfolding, folding or flipping throuhg the accordion book.

MIDDLE: The TV-screen in the center shows a realtime frame of the immersive 360° video experience of the Sunset Strip I recorded 50 years later. A frame that — as well as in the accordion book — is defined by someone else. The person wearing the VR-google next to him/her. The spectator becomes the Director of Photography and defines the video-frame for everybody outside of the immersive experience. He/She is in charge.

RIGHT: 50 years after Ed Ruschas photo-collage of the Sunset Strip, we have the technical means, hard- and software to create immersive, 360° video documentations of places such as the Sunset Strip. The power of the frame and its definition shifts from those that create the visual landscapes (photography, film,...) to those that consume it (360 video).

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