REVISIT OST / Rhythm Section PCH

‘Something It Ain‘t (Cheer Me)’ has been produced by Lenson Piquet, Mastering by Flip, Running Time: 3:48 min, 45 RPM, Concept & Artwork: Markus Oberndorfer
© Lenson Piquet 2019
© Markus Oberndorfer 2020
© Darkroom Debuts 2021

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• Single sided "Lathe Cut" on clear vinyl
• Hand face-mounted fine art print by Markus Oberndorfer
• Black center hole cover in LD-PE sleeve with insert
• Includes wall-mount (use as magnet or with blu-tack)
• Signed on flip-side, numbered on insert
• 1st edition of 5+2AP

Something It Ain't (Ultra Limited Bonus Track Picture Disc) by Markus Oberndorfer

The REVISIT Soundtrack was initiated by Markus Oberndorfer as part of his media art project series REVISIT. This picture disc artwork in particular is a screen grab of the „REVISIT PCH Spacetime Video Panorama“, Timeline #1, Northbound, Los Angeles 2016. Video Panorama: 45.492 x 1920px, Loop 2‘12“, Video Planet: 1920 x 1920px, 26‘19“. © Markus Oberndorfer 2019

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