REVISIT OST (Soundtrack)

Concept & Layout: Markus Oberndorfer
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6 invited producers, 3x planned 12inch vinyl releases, Edition: 300, Releases are scheduled between summer and winter 2018. Inserts: Pigment Print, 300g Fine Art paper, Font: Binnenland. s

Sequence Frame- & Rhythm Sections:
1. Sunset Tower: Parental & Sirlensalot
2. Tower Records: Devaloop & Lex de Kahlex
3. Whisky A Go Go: Kompact & Dday One

© Markus Oberndorfer 2018
© Darkroom Debuts 2018
© Featured Artists 2018


This vinyl release is part of my extensive REVISITED project. It consists of 360 video, media installation, photography, collage, artist book... and soundtrack. As an object each record of this soundtrack represents a certain slice of time and space defined by the sequence frame depicted on the insert you hold in your hands. By sliding an insert into the sleeve the center label cut-out ultimately reveals either the front or back perspective of the image. For the soundtrack I invited befriended musicians. Their exclusive contributions represent their interpretations of the 360 videos and the ambience they wanted to add to them. The aim of my audio-visual concept being: The reflection of the creative potential of sound as a medium that generates atmospheres and alters perception. (Markus Oberndorfer)