Framed Source Footage Collages

Depicting selected directional axes of REVISITED in spacetime

1. Early Morning Westbound: Left, Right, Sky
2. Early Morning Eastbound: Left, Right, Sky
3. Afterglow Westbound: Left, Right, Sky
4. Afterglow Eastbound: Left, Right, Sky

Two of six parts of "Early Morning, Eastbound, Timeline 2, Camera Alignment Left", Total: 8m (in 6 parts à 133x21cm) // These collages exist for every camera alignment for all four rides on Sunset Strip. Each collages length (according to the length of the ride) differs with this length as they all depict the whole ride, not just a selection of images (like the collages in the books) that try to depict the architecture as accurate as possible. The aim was to not show the architecture, but the ryhthm of the rides. The spacetime collages lenghts are defined by the ryhthm and duration of the corresponding 360° videos. The compression or stretching of space is generated through the relations between driving rhythm, -speed, frames per second and movement of captured objects and their distance to the recording camera.

All collages under the umbrella term "REVISITED SOURCE FOOTAGE COLLAGES" originate from the same 360° videos and/or their source footage. Split into three groups they are defined by the process of their coming into existence and the aspects of time, space and perspective questionned.

The concept was/is to experiment with the relations of these three (un)constants: time, space and perspective. While some of the collages focus on space and perspective and their depiction (Artist Books), others focus on the depiction of time and rhythm as a dimension of space (Thats what you see in here and in the section Spacetime Videos). Another one uses vinyl as slices of time and space animated in form of flip-book sequence, etc. (Revisit Ost).

Making these collages manually and/or semi-automatedly raised further process oriented questions. I collect and question these under another umbrella term I defined in reference to Walter Benjamin. I called it: "COLLAGE IN THE AGE OF AUTOMATION".

A few examples: • FRAMED PRINTED MATTER - Slit (length: 7,98m - 18m)
• REVISIT OST - Sequenced (length: 5sec)
• ARTIST BOOKS & LTD BOX - Static (length: 4,7m & 5,4m)
• Camera alignments: left, right, sky, front & back, bottom
• Technics: handmade, semi-automated, scripted
• ALL perspectives exist for the SLIT collages.

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