Revisited Source Footage Collages

Different collage technics, different translations of space, time and perspective. Sequenced, static, slit, etc. For more information please read the ABOUT section.

Pigment Fine Art Prints
OST Sequence Length: 5 Seconds
Book Print Lenght: 4,7m & 5,4m
Slit Print Length: 8m - 18m

© Markus Oberndorfer 2017-2018


All collages under this umbrella term, originate from the REVISITED 360° videos and/or their source footage. They are split into three groups. Each group is defined by the process of the collages coming into existence and the aspect of time that is translated differently. The stitching process is either a manual or a semi-automated. The concept is to experiment with time, space and perspective. Some of the collages focus on space (artist books) and its depiction, others on time as a dimension of space (slit, framed printed matter), and another one on flip-book like sequencing (revisit ost).

The collages are assembled from tens of thousands of stripes in different sizes I defined in experiments in which I figured out which dimensions work or doesnt. These experiments and collages are dealing with general process oriented questions, the relation between time and space and the 'limited perspective' of the photographic frame compared to the 360 surrounding. Some show changes in ambience by the simple opposition of early morning and afterglow light. Some show complex relations of time and space through the visualisation of time as a spatial dimension. If you have questions, dont hesitate to contact me.

• REVISIT OST - Sequenced (length: 5sec)
• ARTIST BOOKS & LTD BOX - Static (length: 4,7m & 5,4m)
• FRAMED PRINTED MATTER - Slit (length: 7,98m - 18m)
• Camera alignments: left, right, sky, front & back, bottom
• Technics: handmade, semi-automated, scripted

For more information about the main installation, head over to: TEXTS & ESSAYS