Kaprun 2006
C-Prints: 37,5 cm x 29,2 cm
Edition: 3+2

All photographs shown are reproduced from handmade analog c-prints.


My photography is a documentation of the pre-existing that is concerned with the 'sensed space' in the presence of one or more objects rather than the captured object itself, although it certainly is the trigger to take the picture at all. It‘s the 'relationship between the qualities of the surroundings and the human condition' in which I am interested in. The attempt of capturing a 'Situation' in the 'here-and-now' of the image and at the same time the attempt to satisfy my esthetic and graphic standards.

For me personally, most of the photos have to work in groups, as sequences or stories. They are supposed to show a wider context of things. At the same time, a single picture has to be strong enough to stand for itself. That is what I expect from my photography. 'The more you know about the spatiality of feelings/sensations, the higher the competence to built spaces of sensation. Creating feelings means staging atmospheres.' (Read)