• REVISITED — Eclipse & Vinewood Boulevard (2x 3m fanfold books & insert in box, not for sale)

Vinewood Boulevard

Screen-capture videos / 2023 - ongoing:
Walk #1, Westbound (Las Lagunas Blvd - Elgin Avenue), Walk #2, Eastbound (Elgin Avenue - Las Lagunas Blvd) Selected: 25-2-2024, Los Santos, Vinewood (2x) 04-03-2024, Los Santos, Vinewood (2x)

The videos and collages depict copyrighted material of Rockstar Games & Take-Two Interactive. They present conceptually- and mediatheoretically relevant ideas that cannot be exhibited otherwise, are non-commercial, not used to generate profit, not for sale and have been made solely for research purposes within the context of REVISITED.

© Take-Two Interactive, © Rockstar Games, © Markus Oberndorfer


The Vinewood Boulevard is Rockstars’ interpretation of the Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles and situated in Downtown Vinewood of Los Santos and is known for its venues, walk of fame, celebrity culture and people; in the game Grand Theft Auto V, as well as in real life.

I started playing GTA V in succession to shooting my 360 degree videos of the Sunset Strip in 2016. To 'revisit Los Angeles' in a different manner and look for parallels beween the gaming environment my videos. Both representations of the place are based on realtime interaction and decision pahts within self-contained environments and imagery.

Following the concept of REVISTED respectively 'Eclipse Boulevard' and using Ed Ruschas famous fan-fold book 'Hollywood Boulevard' as a point of reference, I walked up and down Vinwood Boulevard with my Avatar during different online sessions and times of 'day' and recorded myself doing so. The results show either North- or South Side of the boulevard out of first-person perspective while walking East or West: Every building and everthing else all at once on Vinewood Boulevard

Playing GTA and embarking on a jounrey that scrutinizes its surrounding based on the concepts of REVISITED, has been the closest to continuing my work on site. Especially during the pandemic. The in-game performances I conducted over the past years, during which I interacted with Los Santos locals (NPCs) and other online players resulted in the creaton of this and other artworks.

'The realization of ones' own identity is needed for space integration. Architecture as a cultural phenomenon carries many strong references. These references help to create cultural identity. Architecture is a determinant of man‘s orientation and identification in any one place. Together with urban planning and the landscape context, these form the factors influencing the creation of an environment and therefore are important for its quality.' (Martina Novakova & Erika Foltinova - The ordinary - everyday - commonplace as a reference of cultural identity, p.115)

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