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Staging The Ordinary (Trailer)

360" video installation: 1x 360° videos, 3840x1920, Los Angeles 2016, Spatial Audio, REVISIT radio broadcast, © Markus Oberndorfer 2019

Afterglow (N Crescent Heights Blvd - N Doheny Dr) with Spatial Audio created from Los Angeles Ambisonics Libary (Matthias Kassmannhuber), REVISIT radio broadcast with host Joseph Bailey (optional) © Markus Oberndorfer 2019, Edition: 5+2Ap

Use any VR-Cardbox or Headset for 360° experience. Use Firefox (if on desktop) or Youtube App (if cellphone VR-headset) for streaming 360° content. Set quatlity to 4k (only possible being in Wifi).


The concept of this part of the project was to intensify the virtual experience of the 360 video through spatial audio, music and narrated context. In other words, to create a possible ordinary of the Sunset Strip on May 11, 2016. For this purpose, a spatial audio surrounding has been created from an ambisonic sound library and recorded passers by conversations.

A fictive radio broadcast (REVISIT Radio) with music produced for the project (REVISIT OST) and narrated daily news and radio show like information can optionally be added. The narrated content has been taken and interpreted from the video itself. From what can be seen on billboards,...

A project by: Markus Oberndorfer. Producer: Markus Oberndorfer. Camera Operator & Editor: Michael Mandl & Markus Oberndorfer. Spatial Audio: Matthias Kassmannhuber. Los Angeles Ambisonic Library: Mychal Herron. Passers-by Script: Matthias Kassmannhuber. Passers-by Voices: William Blueher, Eli Freireich, Kyle Huebbe, Dolly Lewis, Clare Oliver, Sequoya Waring, Jessica Winther, Tyler Winther, Vivian Winther.

With the friendly support of: Vivian & Tyler Winther, Michael Mandl, Sira-Zoé Schmid, Thomas & Martina Egger, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, VRisch, Bela Baptiste, rotaug

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