UNTITLED IN CASE 07_1 / 2010

2min 22sec, Vienna, 2010
Starring: Innercity Griot
Original: 2560 x 1920 px
© Markus Oberndorfer 2010

Test Me taken from Harsh Reality 7"
Written & Produced by Kegs One
© Shane Nesbitt, 2008


Number #07_1 of my series of documentary photofilms on urban and suburban space, it‘s architecture, function and mystic. A snap-shot of urban intervention and the re-dedication of space questioning, exceeding and training the limits of visual perception. What stays seems to be - at least for me - rather a feeling or impression of what i might have seen, than a concrete image of it [...]

[...] Each photo for my photofilms has been taken by consciously pressing the trigger (no scripts or automations). All motion blurs for transitions are the result of moving the photographic process. No effects or graphic elements are used."