Concept & Layout: Markus Oberndorfer
Basic Script: Markus Oberndorfer
Radio Host: Joseph Bailey
Radio Show Edit: Markus Oberndorfer
Soundtrack on Vinyl: Bandcamp / HHV

© Markus Oberndorfer 2018
© Darkroom Debuts 2018
© All Featured Artists 2018
All tracks mastered by Flip



A fictive radio station broadcasting within the STAGING THE ORDINARY 360 VR video that also includes spatial audio (more information in the projectd link) and to which the radio broadcast can be added by pushing the (volume) pedal to the metal. The broadcast features the 18 exclusively produced tracks of REVISIT OST and is narrated by radio host Joseph Bailey (aka Dj Joe Joe) who pretends to be in Los Angeles the day I recorded the 360° videos. May 11th, 2016.

The show includes artist and track presentation, weather-forecast, what's on TV (based on the billoards that can be seen in the video), shout outs, etc... Continuing from visual powers (topic of the first main installation) on to other levels of immersion and the creative potential of sound (or narrative) to generate certain atmospheres or guide a spectators visual experience.

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