Watch all screen captures in this Vimeo Album 29.9.2020 / 2.3.2021
REVISITED - Eclipse Blvd (Snapmatic Landmark & Billboard Walk-through) 2.3.2021

Every Building On Eclipse Blvd

Screen-capture videos / 2020 - ongoing:
Walk #1, Westbound (Lagunas Blvd - South Mo Milton), Walk #2, Eastbound (South Mo Milton - Lagunas Boulevard) 29-9-2020, Los Santos, Vinewood West (2x) 2-3-2021, Los Santos, Vinewood West (4x)

Snapmatic Walk-through

Screen-capture video / photographs / 2021:
2-3-2021, Los Santos, Vinewood West

These videos and collages depict copyrighted material of Rockstar Games / Take-Two Interactive. They are part of a series of works I conducted in GTA with regards to my artistic work. They are non-commercial and have been made for research purposes within the context of REVISITED. © Take-Two Interactive, © Rockstar Games, © Markus Oberndorfer


The Eclipse Boulevard is Rockstars’ interpretation of the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles and situated in Vinewood West of Los Santos. In real life, as well as in the game GTA V, it is known for its landmark architecture, venues and billboard landscape.

I started playing GTA V in succession to shooting my 360° videos of the Sunset Strip in 2016 and to 'revisit Los Angeles' in a different manner and look for parallels beween the gaming environment and 360° videos. Both of which are based on realtime interaction and decision paths within constraints. Apart from comparing their experiental values, I examined how Rockstar interpreted the Sunset Strip with all its billboards..., and which of the Strips’ characteristic spots and buildings made it into their compressed version of Los Santos.

For 'Every Building On Eclipse Blvd' I did so while walking up and down Eclipse Boulevard with my Avatar during different online sessions and times of 'day'. Similar as in the 360° environment it feels close to revisiting sections of the actual strip over and over again. The results show either North- or South Side of the boulevard out of ego perspective while walking East or West. Once again, like the subtitle suggests, reflecting on Ed Ruscha’s famous artist book “Every Building On The Sunset Strip” that as a medial representation from 1966 acts as point of reference for REVISITED and its related subprojects.

To highlight some of these landmarks who’s 2016 real life pendants can also be discovered in the 360 VR environments of REVISITED, I screencaptured myself walking across Eclipse Boulevard and taking pictures with GTA Vs in-built snapmatic camera. Just like I would do in real life. In the game the buildings, shops and venues carry different names. The infamous ’Whisky A GoGo’ for example goes under the name ‘Tequi-La-La‘, and so on. I also shot some of the billboards to show how Rockstar beautifully interpreted those. Apart from this video that shows the process, a slideshow with some of the snapmatic pictures can be viewed online. A map with the pictures location data,... as well.

Landmarks North walking East: Fool Moon Film, Tequi-la-la, Digital Den, Split Sides West Comedy, Last Train in Los Santos, Spitroasters Meathouse, Gentry Manor Hotel, ...
Landmarks South walking West: Eclipse Lounge, Hardcore Comic Store, Ellen's Liquor, Pegasus Concierge Hotel, Hornbills, Generic Hotel, Lust Resort, Liquor Hole, ...

'The realization of ones' own identity is needed for space integration. Architecture as a cultural phenomenon carries many strong references. These references help to create cultural identity. Architecture is a determinant of man‘s orientation and identification in any one place. Together with urban planning and the landscape context, these form the factors influencing the creation of an environment and therefore are important for its quality.' (Martina Novakova & Erika Foltinova - The ordinary - everyday - commonplace as a reference of cultural identity, p.115)

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