16 Track Hip Hop Album with lots of wordsamples correlating with the topic of my exhibition and project "Legends Never Die" that deals with self-staging, pop culture, entertainment and art production.

The album and additional materials (all lyrics, images, sounds, ...) have exclusively been available on a DEAD DROP in my exhibition "Legends Never Die" in 2015.

Could be downloaded from a DEAD DROP in my exhibition "Legends Never Die". Strauchgasse 2, 1010 Vienna.


Track 01: Intro Skit
Track 02: Escalade Pt.I (Negativity Brings Failure)
Track 03: Escalade Pt.II (Peace In The Middle East)
Track 04: Escalade Pt.III (Weak Or Strong)
Track 05: Bucket Of Blood (1959)
Track 06: Rock Or Statue Skit
Track 07: In Your Jeep
Track 08: Australian Snowflake
Track 09: Endurance Skit
Track 10: On The Road Again
Track 11: Outside Looking In (Lens J Remix) *
Track 12: The Shit Skit
Track 13: Sublime feat. Silowette **
Track 14: Trading Places (Fame Scratch) ***
Track 15: Schèma de Vie (Lens J Remix) ****
Track 16: Outro Skit


* Vocals written and performed by Silowette of The Annexx Clique 2015
** Original performed by Darc Mind, Mindbenda 1996
*** Scratches performed by Dj Kompact, Sonido Ojo Rojo 2015
**** Original performed by Le Makizar (de Kalhex), Akromegalie Records 2016
***** With the kind permission of the performing artists.

All tracks produced by Lens J (aka Sirlensalot)
Premastered by Dj Kompact, © 2016