REVISIT PCH Source Footage Collages:

Six fixed directional axes (6DoF) of the REVISIT PCH 360° video in spacetime: Left, Right, Sky, Bottom, Front, Rear.

Two different versions:

> 24 Framed Collage Panels, each depicting all 6 Degrees of Freedom at once (like shown in the slides). Size: A3 portrait format.

> 6 Collages Panoramas, each depicting 1 Degree of Freedom. Size: 16,8 meters per panorama. These 6x 16,8 meters are each split into 12 parts of 140cm x 21cm. Equals a total of 6x12 (72) framed parts. (Slide coming soon)


The 6 collages all originate from the REVISIT PCH 360 video source footage. Each depicts one of six degrees of freedom — in a 90 degree angle from the scope's centerpoint — for my ride along Pacific Coast Highway between Malibu Peer and Westward Beach Road (Zuma Beach). The collage's length is relative to the length of the ride. The aim with this was to show the ryhthm of the rides and how we experience space relative to time. When did I drive fast or slow ... where did I have to stop. The compression or stretching of space is generated through the relations between driving rhythm, -speed, frames per second and movement of captured objects and their distance to the recording camera.

All collages under the umbrella term "REVISITED SOURCE FOOTAGE COLLAGES" originate from the 360° videos and/or their source footage. Split into three groups they are defined by the process (manual, automated, realtime) of their coming into existence and the aspects of time, space and perspective questioned.

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