Cap Ferret / Vienna 2014
Video: 3:41 min, 1920x1080p, Original & Subtitles: DE/EN Video: Cap Ferret & Villeneuve-sur-Lot 2012
All rights reserved, © Markus Oberndorfer 2014

Track "Archived Material" taken from "Photographic Darkroom Sessions", contains samples of "Autrement on devient fou..... (the interview). Written & Produced by Sirlensalot, 2014, © Markus Oberndorfer 2014


Interview with Henri Lavrillat (*1920) who recalls his compulsory work service at Cap Ferret and in Bordeaux during the Second World War. He also talks about my photographic collection "Disappearance – The Atlantic Wall around Cap Ferret", which was the starting point for this interview.

A film by Markus Oberndorfer, created with the help of Céline Foulon. Thank you to everyone that became part of that project; for your trust from the beginning and for this extraordinary experience of having the possibility to plunge into the memories of one of the last living contemporary war witnesses.