Last Night A Dj Shaped My Life (Study II)

6 tracks produced & mixed by Lenson Piquet
Polaroids: © Sira-Zoé Schmid & M. Oberndorfer
Design & Layout: Markus Oberndorfer
Mastering: Lens @ Sechzehnablech Studio
© Darkroom Debuts 2019

Distribution: Darkroom Debuts
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Split into two 6-track EPs, my 12-track album "Last Night A Dj Shaped My Life" is inspired by me being a visual artist and Dj. Both EPs are Case Studies, that reflect upon the journey, Djs and producers (also curators and visual artists) produce and select, to make their audience plunge into a journey, certain atmospheres and in case of performance and djing: 'shared situation'.

"Any artist, any musician sets out to create an effect. He sets a trap to catch somebody's attention. That is the nature of art." (Seriously Deep)

Planned: 12inch EP, 33rpm, Edition: 100-150